What does insurance mean in blackjack?

What does insurance mean in blackjack?

If you are reading this, you have certainly started to understand the famous game called Blackjack. It is important to know that this game is one of the most profitable casino games. To become a real expert in this famous game, we recommend that you have a mastery of multiple strategies for a big win. Among the things you can do in Blackjack, there is the possibility of taking insurance. But what does insurance mean in Blackjack? We will detail some important points and provide you with some elements in this article.

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What exactly is blackjack insurance?

The blackjack insurance means a payment solution allowing you to stay immune in the case the dealer wins, especially in the case of an Ace-Jack hand, which is a strong hand. This solution allows you to make an investment of half the initial bet to benefit from the Blackjack insurance bet. It is a function dedicated to the table game that remains accessible during the various parts of the blackjack game. In addition, if you are not yet sure that you have the playing skills for blackjack insurance, we recommend that you play blackjack online for free, using the fun mode.

How does insurance work in blackjack? Analysis of the blackjack rules

  • Do not always take any insurance in blackjack. Indeed, you will have to use the option only when there is a danger, such as when the dealer draws a Jack or an Ace,
  • You must make a payment to the bank of 50% of your stake to guarantee the dealer a choice of insurance, but be aware that the price of the insurance remains quite high,
  • When the dealer gets Blackjack, you will lose the initial stake, and the value of this insurance is refunded immediately. Finally, you will not be able to gain anything except that you will not lose anything in return,
  • When the dealer fails to score 21 while you win a game, you will therefore lose the amount invested in this insurance, while pocketing your initial stake, nevertheless.
  • When the dealer still does not manage to get Blackjack, with, in addition, a loss on the part of the player, this player will then lose his insurance as well as his stake. This is the most unpleasant situation since the player will effectively lose all his deposits on the table.

Further explanations on the blackjack insurance

Insurance is a form of security against opponents in Blackjack. Except that you should know that the dealer, even if he has an Ace or a Jack, he has only one chance in ten of drawing a complementary card.

It is essential to have a consideration of the value of all the cards in the game of blackjack. A number of 16 cards have a value of 10 and these cards are:

  • 10 ,
  • Jack,
  • Queen,
  • King, and all these cards are represented by 4 different colors.

There are, therefore, 36 cards left which have a value other than 10. The chance of drawing a card with 10 as a value is 30.77%. The house edge is therefore quite large.

An example of blackjack insurance to make things easier

When looking at the statistics, players have a winning chance percentage on their insurance bet of 30.77%, and this therefore leaves a 69.23% chance of losing the bet. Over a set of 100 trials, players have a greater risk of losing than winning at the long-term level.

If we put 5 dollars as investment value on this insurance in blackjack,

  • To calculate the winnings, you will have to multiply 30.77 times 5 dollars times the double to have a value of 307.70 dollars.
  • To calculate the losses, you will have to multiply 69.23 times 5 dollars to have a value of minus 346.15 dollars,
  • To calculate the profit, it will be necessary to subtract minus 356.15 minus 307.70 to have a value of minus 38.45 dollars.

Know the risk of taking insurance in blackjack!

When you make the decision to take out insurance, you will have to choose with thought and reason. It is possible that your intuition pushes you to choose such insurance, except that whatever the situation, it will be necessary to make sure you have the necessary means to make a double-edged bet.

No matter what it looks like, blackjack insurance remains a risky bet. The various examples can show that for a bet on insurance, there is a risk of losing money in the long term.

Opt for Blackjack Insurance or not? Is Blackjack online more interesting?

Indeed, the profitability of the game is even more important in online casinos rather than that of the blackjack game at the level of a real casino. With regard to blackjack, if you are a beginner, you will need to develop your basic blackjack strategy using the games offered for free, which are strictly reserved for players on the internet. Thanks to free blackjack, you will be able test the insurance functionality, but also to place bets, which you would probably not try in a real casino.

At the online casinos we have listed you can use various game tables that are accessible to everyone, regardless of the level of the player. In addition to that, you can take advantage of quite interesting bonuses. Finally, it is important to know that we are making significant efforts to improve comfort, but also playability. For example, you can discover live blackjack in the category of live games, where you will be brought up against a real dealer, who you will be able to see in a video in real time.

How does blackjack insurance work?

When the starting card allotted by the dealer is an Ace, then you can take out insurance against your dealer's blackjack. In case you want to use such a gambling option, then it is possible to bet up to 50% of the initial stake made. If the dealer gets blackjack, then you will have the possibility of benefiting from an insurance clawback.

In an opposite case, you will have two options to choose from, either the hand is above the dealer's hand and there you will lose the insurance but you will win according to the common rules of this game, or the hand is under the hand of the dealer and there you will lose the insurance as well as the initial bet made.

What if we took an example to make this explanation simpler?

If we imagine that the stake is 10 dollars, the dealer will deal the cards, and your hand has a value of 19, and the card the dealer draws is an ace. If you make the decision to take insurance, then you are going to place a bet of 5 dollars more.

The dealer will have to look at the card he owns, which is face down. It's actually a face card, which means a card with a value of 10. So here you are going to lose the starting bet worth 10 dollars, but you are going to win the insurance bet of 5 dollars with a payout of two against 1. So, your total gain will be 10 dollars, so your money will not be lost and you will not have any additional gain.


























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