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The United States of America is often represented as the gaming capital of the world, but this reputation is earned only by a few gaming “hot spots” - Las Vegas and Atlantic City. In fact, the country has some of the most stringent gambling laws in the West, even though the federal government does not regulate this issue within the borders of individual states. Each state has the right to decide, regulate or completely prohibit gambling on its territory. Find below the casinos by state we recommend.

Online gambling in the USA

At the dawn of the industry, many online casinos and poker rooms offered their services to Americans, but then their activities were banned. Although there are no specific laws on online gambling in the United States prohibiting online gambling, the Federal Communications Act of 1961 was systematically interpreted and used in the courts to prohibit online betting. In 2006, the US federal government passed the illegal internet gambling and control law, which outlawed all forms of online gambling. However, after the bill was passed, three main poker sites continued to offer their services in the hope that the law would not affect them. In 2011, the US government initiated a lawsuit against these companies, having managed to forbid all types of online gambling.

The American institutions continued to ruthlessly enforce this law until a new law was passed in 2012, which allowed individual states to license online USA casinos, online poker sites, online sports betting sites, and mobile casinos on their territory.

While the number and quality of US online casinos used to be below pre-2006 levels, trends are changing and the number of Americans playing legal casino games is increasing every month. The states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware now allow the operation of licensed, legitimate real money casino websites and other states are issuing new professional online gambling laws.

As the U.S. Supreme Court approves nationwide sports betting, it appears that the legal online casino gambling licensed in the U.S. will resurrect. In the meantime, US gamblers should be prepared to watch the explosion of USA real money online casinos that will hit the market soon. Currently, we are expecting for some of the best casinos in USA to emerge in California, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Hawaii and New York.