If you read these lines and do not know what free spins are, then you're in luck! We will help you to finally discover this so particular pleasure... What are free spins? For the less initiated of you, "free spins" designate the free bets that you can win when you play the various games proposed by a US online casino.

As the name suggests, instead of paying your usual bet at the time of play, you will be able to play as usual, but without paying. In addition, if you win, you recover the entire bet, exactly as if you had bet your money!

This is also why free spins are so sought after by the players; they represent a totally secure way (since the player bears no risk) to earn maximum money, since all the potential winnings are for the player.

First, know that free spins are particularly suited to slot machines. And, unlocking free spins, is the ultimate bonus for all slot lovers.

Being relatively rare, this bonus usually pays off very well. However, it is possible to win free spins by using a little mischief and knowing the good tips ... so stay tuned to what will follow!

The best free spins at registration: spins for free!

Here is the list of the best free spins offers, if you do not have an account yet, enjoy!

Be aware that no-deposit free spins are almost non-existent in online casinos. Only confirmed players who have made deposits are offered free spins.

The best games to have free spins

As we started to say, it is true that when we hear the term "free spins", we think directly of slot machines. Indeed, slots are particularly suitable for this bonus format, since it is the same bet that is repeated X times.

You will understand it; slot machines are by far the best games to try to win. However, other games also lend themselves very well, and this is notably the case of roulette: but it is much rarer.

It is still possible to win free games to spend on roulette (however, it will be very difficult for you to meet the wagering requirements of the number of bonuses you win with free spins).

The only difference with those of the slot machines is that for the latter, you can win your spins directly by playing the machine, while the roulette, it will use a little strategy ... read carefully to understand what we are talking about!

How to receive free spins?

Now that you know how to choose your games to maximize your chances of getting free spins, it's time we told you how to get them for sure.

Be careful, however, this is not a revolutionary technique that will earn you millions, because this kind of "miracle method" obviously does not exist in the world of online gaming.

Now, we would simply like to give a small tip to slot fans who cherish free spins more than anything. Indeed, it is simple to register with the good online casinos, so that they offer you a reward you for your registration.

Many of you must know these rewards when registering a player, but we are willing to bet that very few knew that it is possible to win hundreds of free spins simply by registering in the right places.

But that's not all! Indeed, know that some USA online casinos can give you free spins every week (it's often this way that it happens), or every month.

As a result, by signing in at the right times, it is quite possible to make profits without taking too many risks.

Are casinos obliged to give free spins without deposit?

Absolutely not!

Contrary to what many beginners think, free spins are worth it! The sites use them to reward their players and to make them happy. If you are a beginner, we advise you to create an account with the casinos on our website and take advantage of their offers.

Cash or bonus money?

Here's a question that comes up often, and we'll remove the veil around it on the spot.

When you win free spins, you do not win anything in monetary terms.

Free spins only give you the opportunity to play without paying. So, if you lose, you win nothing. We are talking here about free spins that you accumulate thanks to the special feature of a game.