How to win at the casino slot machines: easy guide

How to win at the casino slot machines: easy guide

When we were younger, we were taught that winning wasn't everything. Sorry to put it that way, but obviously our parents had never played in an online casino before. But they were wrong: winning is everything. It's the essence of the game and that's the only way to get prizes. If you are a slot junkie (don't worry, you are not alone, most of our readers are) then this is arguably an important post for you as we are going to share our top tips on how to win at the casino slot machines.

What you need to know to win at slots

  • How slots work and how to win at slots online.
  • Slot mechanics and key terminology.
  • Our top tips to win more at online slots.
  • The biggest slot wins.
  • Slot strategy myths.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes slot players make.
  • How slots are checked for fairness.

Have you ever wondered how to beat the reels, which winning strategies are best, or how slots bring mind-blowing wins?

In this post we will explain exactly how you can win more at slots online and how exactly they work! How to win at slots online: how do slot machines work?

Before we dive in and explain how to win at the slot machines, it's best to start with a quick overview of how slot machines work:

Slot machines consist of a series of reels that spin individually but at the same time and stop when the spin is over. With slots, you have to bet on the outcome of the spin. To win, you need to land matching symbols, usually from left to right, with a line of at least 3 symbols. Payouts are determined according to the paytable, which includes higher and lower paying symbols. Video slots and progressives have bonus rounds and jackpot prizes.

All the details of how symbols are assigned to bonus rounds and how the rounds are triggered can be found in the paytable. All the other rules of the game are also explained there. The biggest wins at online slots real money come from games with high payouts, good RTP rates and easy to trigger bonus rounds.

Slots are created using computer software and are tested for fairness. However, they are designed for a longer playing time. Therefore, a betting strategy is essential and needs to change depending on the slot. There are thousands of slot games to choose from, and new titles are added every month so you can find the perfect game theme, style and stake/payout size for your game - why not spend some time in the free slot machine games lobby!

Newer slots require more skill and strategy than the older game types, as they incorporate skill-based gaming and better suit the needs of players.

Slot mechanics

When it comes to the technical aspect of payouts, online slots use the same mechanics. Whether you are a seasoned player or just a beginner, knowing the basic terms is a great benefit as they can help you better understand how to win at online slots.

Understanding the RNG

At the heart of every slot is the RNG (Random Number Generator), which is used to ensure that the game produces random results. RNG can generate constant sequences of random numbers that reflect the sequence of reels, with some symbols appearing more frequently in the sequences than others. Getting a grip on RTP: RTP stands for Return to Player and is an indicator of how a slot pays off over a long series of spins. A slot with an RTP of 95% pays an average of 95 cents for every $ 1 bet. The missing 5 cents are the house edge. However, this does not reflect the experience of every player as the RNG ensures random game results and is tested over a longer game period than most players would like.

Slot variance or volatility

This essentially means that the slot's hit rate is different. High slot volatility means higher risks, but higher payouts and low volatility mean lower risk and therefore come with lower payouts. You should always take a new slot for a trial. Spin and see how it plays and pays off before making any real money wagers.

Casino Bonus Offers Top Tips for How to Win at Slots Online

Since the house edge and slot machine mechanics of any slot machine work against players, you may be wondering why we play slot machines and how exactly can you win at slot machines? The answer, of course, is because of the thrill of the chase and the chance to be one of the lucky players making money as hundreds of players around the world are spinning and winning every minute of the day!

So, how do you beat a slot machine?

The answer is not easy because there is no set strategy that can beat the RNG, which generates hundreds of sequences of numbers per second. Computer software goes way beyond what humans can easily conquer, but you can become a better gamer and choose the game you play with care. Let's take a look at some of the top tips from our team for winning at Slots Online:

Know the Game You 're Playing

Before loading a slot, make sure you've read the rules, review, and game rules. This will prevent you from making rookie mistakes that cost bets and spins! Choose slots with higher RTPs: Higher RTP rates are an indication of a higher paying slot with a lower average house edge. RTPs are often between 80 and 97%, so there is a wide span to watch out for! Remember that RTPs are indicators of the return on millions of spins, since you are playing for a much shorter amount of time, effectively any slot could be playing good or bad, but generally stick with higher RTP slots to get more prizes!

Betting strategies

Different types of slots require a different betting strategy. For example, if you go for a progressive, you will most likely have to bet on maximum to have a chance of winning and be prepared to play for a longer session - this means a high bank bet. If you can't hold out this type of bet, go for a different type of slot. For each slot you need to determine your balance, how much you want to spend and how much you want to wager per spin. Can you play long enough to reap the rewards on offer and win the bonus rounds? You should know that the maximum bet payouts are much higher for most games. You should also bet the maximum number of lines as this increases the chances of winning and reduces slot volatility.

  • Know when to stop: good betting strategy also includes when to stop playing and how much you are willing to spend on a single game. This includes whether you win or lose. Increase your chances of winning with gambling features: some slot machines offer the option to double your winnings or not at all after each spin. This is a risky betting strategy, but it is also very worthwhile and increases your chances of winning endlessly at slots online. Pick the slots you love and play for free: playing games you really love increases your chances of beating slots. You can play many slots for free at the best US online casinos. So, you have plenty of time and space to find your perfect game and bet for real money.


  • Use casino bonuses to your advantage: while the house edge is statistically always a burden on your slot budget, you can beat the slot machine by not playing with your own money. Receiving casino bonuses and promotions from the second you sign up for a real money slots casino ensures that you can play more for free. So, when these perks come in, you may not even have spent a dime! The most common mistakes slot players make with online slots We're all in the same boat and have made some embarrassing mistakes with slots that keep us blushing to this day.

To help you get around some of the most common mistakes slot players make, here are the things to watch out for!

  • Not taking the time to explore RTPs and find the highest paying slots: This instantly puts players behind schedule as they are not playing the highest paying or most suitable slots for them. Take the time to explore before you bet and try out different slots and betting styles! Too Much Gambling: Slot spins are fast, and you can quickly spend a ton of money in a short playing time if you don't have a betting strategy and limits set.


  • Not collecting bonuses/loyalty points: Slot players spend a lot of money at the casino due to the popularity of the games and the speed of the spins/potential earnings they spend per hour. If you are a slot fanatic, choose a casino with a great reward structure, especially cashback deals or loyalty points, as this will reduce the impact of losses on your bank balance, increase the value of your deposits - meaning you can enjoy more games for longer.

The biggest slot wins in history

Slots don't make false promises, sometimes they pay off when they spin, and they do well, just not for all or the same. Some of the greatest slot wins in history have been record breakers, staggering sums of money that changed the lives of certain people in seconds.

Let's take a look at the three biggest slot payouts of all time: Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming.

  • Won in January 2019 and paid out $ 20 million.
  • Mega Moolah Slot won in September 2018 and paid out just under 19 million dollars. Mega Fortune from NetEnt.
  • Won in January 2013 and paid out over 17 million dollars.

Frequently asked questions about winning at slots

Jackpots: a fool's paradise?

Chasing jackpots can be a costly endeavor, many require a maximum bet, but it is also very attractive with huge pool or jackpot prizes on offer. There are players who advocate that playing for a jackpot is the best way to beat the slot odds as they are the most lucrative slots, the most paying and on a regular basis. For this reason, the most sensible type of jackpot slots is fixed or smaller, as they are more likely to pay out more frequently / easier to trigger than a progressive one and do not require maximum wagers. This means that most players will do better at that to cope with the requirements of the slot and the associated risks.

What is the hot and cold slot myth?

Just as jackpots are viewed as paying more often, some casinos choose to list their slots by hot and cold. This is used for targeted gaming. A hot slot was recently paid out and a cold slot has not been paid out in a while. Logically, this should be the other way around, as the theory suggests that you want to play cold slots over hot slots as the likelihood of an early payout is higher.

Does it work? In short, NO. The RNG ensures that events are randomly triggered on the reels and that it makes no difference to the RNG and the game software whether a slot has just paid out or not. How are slots tested for fairness? All casino software providers and casinos themselves submit their software for testing and licensing. This ensures that the RNG technology is working properly and that the specified RTPs are the correct number.

US casinos are licensed and adhere to fair gambling practices and testing. This means that the slots will go exactly as advertised, even if the house edge is working against you. Have fun and start spinning these reels! We're all looking for that elusive magic formula that tells us how to win at slots and how to beat the odds. Unfortunately, there isn’t one, but there are steps you can take to improve the way you play. The best way to win with online slots is to sit back, relax and play your favorite game. If you followed the tips and tricks listed here, things have a much better chance of working in your favor and some big wins are ahead!

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