Friends in front of a screen playing at US online casinos are always on the lookout for new promotions to attract more and more players. Among the most popular promotions from players and casinos is the refer a friend casino bonus – the referral bonus.

The beauty of this bonus is that it benefits both the casino and the players, with a marketing aspect for the casino website and significant gains for the players.

In addition to the welcome bonus, the referral bonus is one of the favorite promotions for American players. At, we offer several pages of information on all the bonuses that exist. Stay on this page if you want to know everything about the refer a friend casino bonus!

How it works

Why do players like the refer a friend bonus so much? In fact, what attracts in this bonus is that it benefits two players at the same time, so there is an aspect of sharing and help that you will not find with other more classic bonuses. This bonus stands out and benefits several people, which explains its popularity.

The simplicity behind the bonus is also very appealing. Nothing could be easier to qualify for the refer a friend bonus.

Concretely, a player who is already registered with an online casino that offers this type of bonus recommends the site to someone else. This in turn registers, which entitles both players to receive the famous sponsorship bonus.

The player who recommends is therefore the sponsor, and the new player is the referred friend. The sponsor must already have an account at the casino, and then he must simply complete a questionnaire to sponsor someone. Once the referred friend has signed up and deposited real money, the two players receive a sum of money offered by the casino to spend on games.

These are never astronomical sums offered by casinos. Most of the time, the amount of the referral bonus is 50 dollars, which is not negligible, especially for the new player! This sum allows the two players to bet for free, maybe even to win the jackpot without spending anything!

The main idea behind this type of bonus is to retain existing players while attracting new players. It's simple and effective, and everyone wins. The refer a friend casino bonus is, therefore, above all, a marketing strategy to make yourself known. The more registered players recommend the website to others, the more the casino will gain popularity.

You should know that the world of online casinos is experiencing competition that is only increasing over time. New casinos are emerging all the time, which means that this kind of strategy is extremely important for online casinos if they want to last and stand out from the crowd.

Conditions for obtaining the referral bonus

Although this type of bonus is open to everyone, there are certain conditions that must be met before you can benefit from it. If you are interested in the referral bonus, here is a list of the conditions to be fulfilled to be entitled to it:
  • Pre-registration for sponsors: The process for receiving the referral bonus begins with the registration of the sponsor. This player must register beforehand on a site that offers this bonus and open an account. To open an account, you must make a first deposit of money.
  • The recommendation: The sponsor must then find someone to sponsor. This person, who will become the referred person, can be anyone: a friend, a family member, someone you have met on a forum who is already a gamer. If the person is passionate about gambling or wants to explore online casinos, this is perfect!
  • Registration for referrals: Once the sponsor has found someone interested in the bonus, they must register on the same site as the sponsor. The referred person must open an account and make a first deposit in real money to be eligible for the referral bonus. The referred person must absolutely make this deposit if he and his sponsor want to receive the referral bonus.
  • Completing the questionnaire: On the sponsor's side, he must complete a questionnaire to sponsor the new player. He must indicate the surname, first name and contact details of the sponsored person. It never takes a long time, and once it's done and the referral registration is finalized, both players get the bonus!
  • Enter the bonus code: For its part, the referred person must sometimes enter a special code on the website before receiving the referral bonus. In most cases, customer service will email this code to them, and they must enter it when making their first real money deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all online casinos offer refer a friend bonuses?
Many US online casinos offer a refer a friend bonus, but not all. Remember to read the bonus and promotions page found on online casino sites before registering to be sure that the casino of your choice does offer a referral bonus.
Are there any wagering requirements to receive this bonus?
You must first have made a first deposit on the site to be entitled to the bonus. Most online casinos that offer the referral bonus do not have specific wagering requirements, but be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions carefully to make sure how to access the bonus and if there is a minimum amount of money to deposit.
Can I cumulate referral bonuses?
Yes! The main interest of this bonus from the players point of view is that this bonus can be cumulated. So, you can sponsor as many players as you want and take advantage of several sponsorship bonuses. Of course, remember to read the terms and conditions of the bonus on the site you use before making your deposit and sponsoring, in case there are limits or special wagering conditions.

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