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BetMGM Online Casino was founded in 2017 by MGM Resorts International and is one of the leading online game providers in the US.

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PlayStars New Jersey casino offers online slots video poker table games online blackjack live games and jackpots – all available to play for real money.


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Borgata is a New Jersey licensed online casino powered by latest casino software and gaming technology. This modern casino makes gambling a real pleasure. 

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BetRivers Online Casino is a leading online gaming platform in Michigan, USA, offering players an exciting and diverse range of games, promotions, and features to cater to a variety of preferences

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With one of the greatest gaming collections in New Jersey, you're going to want a unique type of site to sort the games.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's see in detail which welcome casino bonuses are offered. 

Online casino promotions

As part of the welcome casino bonuses, those received for free continue to attract more and more players. This happens because the money or any other type of bonus received for free can only make the customer happy. This represents a non-exchangeable opportunity to win money from the various welcome casino bonuses. Basically, it is one of the marketing policies focused on the direct acquisition of players called finals. Specifically, this is adopted by the various online casinos. It is used to register users by offering them welcome bonuses on their first deposit in the online platform. Even more clearly, an online game room; is one that offers its new players the opportunity to receive an additional incentive on their first deposit.

The Welcome Bonus is not enough

Once the player has been satisfied with the welcome bonus, the online casino continues to offer other promotions. It consists of an additional amount of money given to the customer, which can be used to play on the entire platform of the online casinos. On most of the websites, you can deposit your money to be wagered through electronic deposit systems. An additional percentage will be credited to the player's account once the refill is complete.

These are sporadic invitations during the customer's stay at the online casino. Loyalty is a serious matter. Both by the players, who must acquire some trust, before spending their money and the casino managers, who must continually update their websites with competitive promotions in order to obtain customer’s trust.

How to take advantage of new online casino promotions

The procedure for receiving this additional money at the various online casinos is simple. It translates as follows: the player registers on the site, after which he validates his account and finally makes a cash deposit; he then receives an additional credit to his gaming account.

Usually these promotions vary between 100% and 300% of the initial deposit. For example, suppose that, as a new user, you receive a 200% bonus by making an initial deposit of 500 dollars. You will therefore receive a cash voucher of 1000 dollars. You will find 1500 dollars in your account to play your favorite games.

How to get a welcome bonus 

Intuitively it is easy to understand that the Welcome Bonus of online casinos is dedicated to new members, therefore, to receive it the only thing to do is to register on a gaming platform.

In order to proceed with the bonus request, all you have to do is download the free software from the website, open a game account and log in. The second move is to deposit a sum of money to sit at the real money gaming tables. The deposit methods are varied: choose the one that is most congenial to you and wait for the welcome bonus to be credited, which is usually immediately following the bonus itself.

You will find that the bonus has been credited to you when you see it included in your deposit amount: the minimum and maximum top-up limit is set in a range often large enough, so as to allow you to choose how much to top up and decide, above all, what type you are going to take advantage of bonuses.

The fact that the welcome bonuses of online casinos are credited immediately after the first deposit does not mean that you can equally quickly withdraw any winnings produced through the bonus just as quickly: for withdrawals, in fact, it is necessary that the bet, or more often the wagers made, must meet variable requirements from platform to platform, and that initially only a part of the winnings can be withdrawn. The withdrawal mechanism used in most cases is to allow it only after playing the total bonus value a certain number of times.

The playability of online casino welcome bonuses is also quite broad. You are allowed to invest the bonus in a very large number of games, often included on the page dedicated to this promotion within a list. However, there are specific welcome bonuses, which can only be used for slots or roulette or poker.

To date, all online gambling platforms have high standards of welcome bonuses: they are very valid both from a qualitative point of view and with respect to the withdrawal methodology and the game itself. What distinguishes all online casinos today in terms of welcome bonuses is the balanced competitiveness, the key element you will enjoy as well as all the other players.

How to take advantage of the Welcome Bonus of online casinos

The variety and extreme diversification of the online casino welcome bonuses allows each type of player to make the most of the promotion offered by online gaming platforms. We at casinobonusoffers.us are confident that by using small tricks you can make the best use of your bonus and get all the benefits that it contains.

The first thing is to have a clear and complete picture of all the welcome bonuses of the online casinos on the market: this way, and only this way, you can be sure to choose the bonus that best suits your way to play. Evaluate the terms and conditions of the game: this is how you can be sure that you have made the best choice.

Understanding each bonus gives you extra certainty. In fact, reading the terms attached to the different bonuses you will also know how many times you will have to play its total value before you can withdraw your winnings, and it will also be clear to you how long you will have to make the bets before the offer expires. Ultimately, in terms of each welcome bonus, you will also find out which are the valid games you will have to play, with all the conversion rates for real money.

Each game, in fact, has a weight in the transformation of the welcome bonus into real money: therefore if you prefer to play table games, or vice versa, slot machines, you will only have to evaluate which websites offer the highest conversion rates for your favorite games.

Another advantage offered by the welcome bonus of online casinos is to provide you with an additional share to invest in the game. What you can do is double your bets with the bonus, and then try your luck and hope it smiles at you. If you do not want to risk, on the other hand, you can also make your usual bets.

Where can you use welcome bonuses?

The online casino games available on the market correspond to a real microcosm: classic gaming tables and slot machines are only part of the fun to which poker is often added, which lately has become the protagonist of several gambling platforms. Online casino welcome bonuses can be played anywhere, without distinction, although most online casinos currently reserve a welcome bonus dedicated to classic tables, such as roulette, but it should be said, in general, that online casinos with no deposit welcome bonuses require significantly lower wagering requirements than the playthroughs provided in casinos with deposit bonuses. The reason is that the latter offer the possibility of receiving much larger bonuses than the new no deposit casinos. We therefore advise you to read carefully the terms and conditions of the bonuses to understand which bonus is best suited to your needs. Finally, remember to always play responsibly to have fun without problems.