West Virginia Gambling

This West Virginia casino gambling page provides answers on whether casinos are legal or not in this state and other important information that players must know before they can place bets in casinos, on sports and everything on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you gamble in West Virginia?

The answer is yes. There is gambling in West Virginia!
West Virginia is one of the new states in which different gambling types are allowed. The action of casinos in West Virginia is becoming increasingly interesting for players who want to bet online. With online casino betting status in the state, it is possible to play in an online casino soon. Online sports betting in West Virginia has been given the green light. And the expectations of online poker players who can play in this state in the near future have increased. With so many exciting gambling events in this state, this is the perfect time to play in West Virginia.

West Virginia gambling history

When it comes to the history of casinos and gambling in West Virginia, this is a relatively interesting statewide story. Horse racing was one of the first ways to play in the US and it was the first way to bet legally in West Virginia, since betting on horse racing became legal in 1931. By then, bingo had become legal in the early 1980s, and the state lottery was introduced a few years later, in 1984. In 1994 slot machines became an option when every race started using new slot machines. Bars followed up soon to accommodate slot machines.
A gap between the racetracks and the casinos to be allowed to offer table games in West Virginia has existed for a long time, since table games were approved for use in this state only in 2008. And with a wave of legalization taking place in the United States. 2019 has been a milestone in recent years, as sports betting, online casinos and poker games have been introduced as new legal gambling options in West Virginia alongside the list of betting options available in the state.
For West Virginia, one should not underestimate the social value of this type of gambling. Betting in general is becoming more popular as there are more options and people are better informed on the whole topic. And West Virginia's proximity to states like Pennsylvania and Virginia makes it an attractive target for legalized gambling, as this could make it more attractive to those who want to gamble in a complex manner. As the country's industries grow and shrink, West Virginia's position can be on the cutting edge of this new gambling business in the United States.

Legal status of West Virginia casinos and online casinos

Land-based casinos in West Virginia

Casinos in West Virginia exist in the brick and mortar format, because players have the opportunity to play casino games at seven fixed gambling locations across West Virginia. Currently, these seven land-based casinos are the only place where players can bet, which makes it interesting for those who have free access to these places. It is expected that this will change with the upcoming launch of online casino games in the state, which we will talk about shortly. Currently, land-based casinos are the only places where you can gamble in the state.


Legal status of land-based casinos in West VA

Regarding the land-based casinos in West Virginia, casino games began in 1994, when the state approved online slots as options at the racetracks. It then expands the options of playing on slot machines in bars if the names of these locations had nothing to do with betting. Table games have also been added, and the legal status of land-based casinos stopped being questioned, as they are an integral part of the state gaming outline. In the future, legal online casino gambling will be licensed only in connection to land-based casino operators.

Online casinos in West Virginia: launching soon

Gambling in West Virginia game is expected to include online bets in its list, since the online betting was introduced in March 2019. Currently, players will have to wait until they start betting on online casino games, but this will not stop the excitement of those players who are waiting for the long-awaited online casino promotions. Finally, at the end of the tunnel there is light for such players, even if the waiting time for them to play online poker or slots in West Virginia is longer than they want.


Legal status of West Virginia online casinos

Gambling in an online casino in West Virginia has been legalized by Bill 2934, which regulates online gambling in West Virginia in casinos and other aspects of betting. In this context, it should be noted that players will have to wait at least 2021 to bet at online casinos, as this is described as the first time online operators can offer casino promotions for their online players. Until then, players will have to visit the land-based casinos that exist throughout WV.


Online gambling in West Virginia in the future

In the future, the West Virginia casino territory will be increasingly charted with the launch of online gaming by 2021. The exact form of the state online casino industry is not known yet, as it is unclear how long it will take until the government will offer this gift to players. You might think this will be very similar to what players in other states have, with everything revolving around land-based casinos. This will provide a reliable gambling WV industry though, as current casino brands will be able to have strong partnerships with other famous brands, as it happened in other states.


Legal status of West Virginia sports betting and online betting

Land-based betting operators in West Virginia

Sports betting has been legal in West Virginia starting in 2018. Since then, West Virginia has quickly started to encourage sports betting in the state. There are several physical places where players can place their bets. The first state bets were accepted in 2019, because the sportsbooks were free to prepare everything for the onset of the football season, which is the most beneficial time for them.

Legal status of West Virginia betting operators

Gambling is legal in West Virginia due to Senate Bill 415, which regulated legal gambling in 2018 and canceled the Law on Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018 after being declared unconstitutional. These collaborative solutions have helped spread sports betting in West Virginia, where it is likely to exist across the country and the state due to the industry's popularity. There are currently three land-based casinos offering sports betting, and it will be interesting to see if new ones are added over time.


West Virginia online sports betting

The online casino industry in West Virginia is still in its infancy with sports betting, but online gambling in West Virginia for sports has begun. However, casino applications were launched in 2018, and were later removed due to technology issues. Since then, industry frontrunners started offering online and mobile sports betting nationwide since 2019. This time everything will stay in position if the sports betting industry in the West Virginia continues to grow, as it did in other states since sports betting was legalized.

Legal status of WV betting websites

Although online sports betting in West Virginia is relatively new, it was legalized under the Senate Act 415 in 2018 and became available after the abolition of PASPA. FanDuel has released a sports betting product in West Virginia, where the legal status of online sports betting is no longer at risk. There are several other sports betting vendors that have been approved to work in the state, as the betting enthusiasts in West Virginia are awaiting the official launch of more specialized betting entities in the United States.

Sports betting in West Virginia in the future

Hopefully, the sports betting market will continue to improve in the new era of online casinos in West Virginia when it comes to players. There are incredibly many sports betting providers that have been approved to work in this state, and these vendors will eventually start offering bets to players in West Virginia. This will lead to competition between sports betting, which will lead to better promos and more betting markets for those who want to use them.
Legal status of West Virginia poker rooms and online poker
Poker is legal in West Virginia, but currently only land-based Poker is an option. West Virginia has five active poker rooms with players across the country for individual tournaments and games of their choice. With the upcoming online poker, it will be interesting to see how the on-ground poker rooms will operate commercially. At present, the chances of playing poker are only in the physical casino until at least 2021.

Legal status of West Virginia land-based poker rooms

Concerning the legal status of terrestrial poker rooms in West Virginia, the legality of these physical poker sites is without a doubt. The legal status of these operators will become interesting for state players with the use of online poker coming soon. It will be interesting to know which casinos will partner with online poker brands to make players to play poker, even though the continued business of ground-based WV poker rooms has been established by law.


West Virginia online poker: launching soon

Playing online poker can be very fun and people in West Virginia are finally ready for this experience thanks to the ongoing legalization of online gambling in the state. There is currently no online poker in West Virginia, because this type of game has been legalized recently. However, online poker is coming soon, which means players do not need to go anywhere else to play their favorite game on the Internet. And because land-based poker is already available, West Virginia is a good place for poker players in general.

Legal status of West Virginia online poker

Online poker was legalized in West Virginia in 2019 with the House Bill 2934, which led to the legalization of online casinos and lotteries, as well as poker. No poker operator currently offers online poker to the players in the state due to recent legalization. Reports say it looks like 2021 will be the time when online operators will start offering poker as a product. This will create an interesting situation, as it also coincides with the plan to release online casino games in the state.

Online poker in West Virginia in the future

With the changes taking place in this part of the state's betting industry, it is interesting to follow the future of poker in West Virginia. West Virginia land-based casinos continue to operate nationwide and allow players to play online for years from now on. With the development of legalizing online poker, players can choose from several vendors, despite the small geographical coverage of WV.


Legal status of West Virginia lottery and online lottery

Lotteries in West Virginia are legally online and offline. The online lottery in this state was legalized in March 2019 under the House Bill 2934. But the online lottery still lagging because, although legal in the state, there is no online lottery operator for scratch cards or other forms of lottery. This is a disappointment for many lottery lovers who have seen so many exciting developments of online lottery in the United States and other countries and are waiting for new excitement in the lottery industry of West Virginia.

Legal status of West Virginia fantasy sports

Daily fantasy sports became legal in West Virginia in March 2019, when House Bill 2934 was passed. Daily and large fantasy sports providers have become part of the action in West Virginia. Other small operators are also part of the West Virginia fantasy sports context. This state offers one of the best daily, great fantasy sports menus for players. Because sports betting is being legalized across the state, you should expect players to be able to choose between great WV sports betting sites, although there are many options for DFS players in the country.


Legal status of West Virginia social casinos

Over the years, social games have become increasingly popular, as players have found a way to get all the casino promotions, they need without risking their own money. Social media sites allow users to log in to their social media accounts and play free casino games, such as slot machines or poker, and share their success with friends, as well earn virtual money and prizes, depending on what they are doing in these games. There is no law in West Virginia against these social games. With the advent of online gambling on real money, which is expected to appear in this state in the next few years, players will of course have a real money games alternative. The question is what this will do to these types of social games.


West Virginia gambling conclusion

There is not really a guarantee that West Virginia will be ahead of the game, but its position has advanced compared to the many United States. Three basic forms of betting for online and land-based operations have been legalized in this state. And while players have to wait for the introduction of online casinos and poker, the fact that they already know about this should keep their enthusiasm long enough. And since sports betting in the state has been organized both land-based and on the Internet, there are many betting options so that the state's gamblers will remain satisfied until legalization efforts are paid off. Currently, the WV bettors should be satisfied with what is at the top in the betting world.