As we are passionate slots players, in particular, and casino gaming lovers, in general, it is important for us to know that those who visit us, here on Casino Bonus Offers, are well aware of the the legal online casinos in USA .

Fun fact: did you know that NJ was the first state in the US to officially legalize online casino games? The rules in New Jersey are that you must be at least 21 years old and be geo-located in NJ. Otherwise, it is considered illegal. However, if you are a non-resident tourist currently in NJ, you can legally play on any legal New Jersey online casinos.

Because every USA online casino is different, there are many opinions on what casino is better than the other. Our recommendations are based on our experience and careful observation and comparison.

Legal online casinos in USA  - recent history

As the regulation of gambling has a rich history in the United States, we will focus on the more recent history of gambling legality issues on American land.

Gambling in brick and mortar casinos, as the majority of residents are well aware, is largely legal in the United States. However, internet gambling was a legal gray area until very recently. Before giving you a brief explanation on the legality of online casinos in USA, we will give you the short answer: it is not illegal to place bets in online casinos, as long as online casinos are not physically located on American land.

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This means that some (not all!) online casinos serving US players based abroad with an offshore reliable license, are safe for US players to place bets online and receive payouts. 

With more recent changes in the law, several US states have also legalized internet gambling, leading to 100% legal online casinos in USA. However, you should consult your state's laws on this matter, as the rules vary from state to state.

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In 1992, the Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which aimed to regulate sports betting in its many forms. In 2018, however, the law was deemed constitutional and sports betting was legalized at the federal level. In the early 2000s, internet gambling also began to gain momentum.

However, the legality of online gambling for US players was very ambiguous. Fortunately, in 2011, the Federal Wire Act of 1961 was challenged by Virginia Seltz, which led the Justice Department to conclude that the law only applied to sports betting. The effect of this has had a revolutionary impact on online gambling in the United States. What followed next was a resolution that proclaimed that online gambling was now federally legal, but it was up to the states to define their online gambling laws.

Several states, such as Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, reacted quickly to this monumental change and sought to capitalize on the ever-growing internet gaming market. At the time of writing, legislation governing online casinos is still pending in several states, but the process is going slowly and it may be some time before US-based online casinos hit the ground running.  Nevertheless, the future looks bright. What is a slow process is also inevitable. In our mind, there is no doubt that legal online casinos in USA are going to explode  in the years to come.

Why do legal online casinos in USA require a license?

The type of licensing and jurisdiction under which online casinos are licensed in the USA is important for players because on this it depends on whether you can play at the casino or not. 

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Legal online casinos in USA can provide a great revenue for the state offering a license. Even though many states offer gambling licenses, the current hot spots for online casino licensing are New Jersey, Pennsylvannia, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. However, the name that New Jersey has earned in online gambling and online casino industry makes it the best place for online casinos to be licensed. 

Legal online casinos in USA are under strict control

The word legal itself says that there is a license that acts like a permit to conduct gambling in online casinos. Online casino security and licenses are important to all players. The legal casino will be under the control of the Division of Gaming Enforcement in the relevant state. DGE grants a casino license if casinos comply with certain rules and regulations. For example, the scope of DGE is that a legal online casino USA should not be involved or support any criminal or promiscuous activity; gambling should be fair and protect children and other people who are not suitable for gambling from suffering from the harm of gambling.

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Different states may issue different types of licenses. In other USA states, corporate taxes may be higher. 

What will the best legal online casinos in USA offer you?

Diverse online USA casino games

If you are a passionate casino player, like us, you know that the game variety is crucial, especially if you constantly want to try something new and exciting. The gaming appetite demands a variety of games, so this is why it is so important to find the right online casino USA real money. If you are wondering what kind of games you will find in a legal online casino USA, these are roulette, blackjack, video poker, slot machines, big six wheels, mini baccarat, baccarat, and many other variations of these.

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How to check licensed slot machines on your own?

Even if you are not a programmer, it is not difficult to check licensed slot machines yourself. To begin with, we will briefly describe how the online casinos and the installed software operate. The first thing, the casino gets a license. This indicate the casino’s intention to work transparently and openly. From that moment on, it is under the strict control of the organization that issued the license. Accordingly, so will be the software that will be installed on the casino website. Then the casino concludes and agreement on the use of licensed slot machines with their developers. The provider will integrate them on the website of the online casino (for example NetEnt or Microgaming). Therefore, setting the slots and the percentage of their return (RTP) is also controlled by slot developers. This is a very important point in this chain because the casino will not have access to these settings. This is what distinguishes slot machines. 

Legal slots for real money USA

Legal online casinos in USA are a universal favorite of all the players from the country. Real money slots make up the bulk of online casino games. Game developers are constantly developing countless real-life online slots with many exciting themes. Our selected casinos have the best real money slots and free online slots in the US. Online slots have been constantly evolving over the years. From their humble beginnings over a hundred years ago to the sophisticated slot machines we have access to. Our website is designed to show you how to find legal online casino slot machines for real money, tips on how to play slot machines, as well as the best-paid slot machines. 

The best online slot machines 

Since real money slot machines are very popular in New Jersey, and there are countless casinos claiming to have the best slot machines, it may be difficult for players to find out which online casino slot machines to choose. That is why we reviewed the best licensed online casinos in New Jersey, offering the best the best selection of slot machines in NJ and popular casino games. As online slots in NJ are very popular and there are plenty to choose from, we reviewed the slots to provide you with the best slot machines in the state.

We review the best slots for real money, and we test them for those who want to play online slots for free. Several NJ casinos offer you the best gaming experience on the internet, but how can you be sure of this? Players are not sure which slot machines pay the most, we have all the answers here. There are several influential factors that determine which top slot is online. 

Information safety on legal online casinos in USA

Given of the new regulations, your personal information will be in good hands. It is not only reassuring to know that your information will be kept safe according to legal requirements, but this will also contribute to the whole online casino gaming experience. You won’t be stressed about safety and security and you will be able to play in a relaxing and entertaining environment.

Bonuses and promotions at legal online casinos in USA

Each gambling establishment offers its players to take advantage of many different rewards, including deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. In general, casinos operating for online players are very much alike, but the difference between a licensed and an illegal casino is that a casino who has the right to carry out gambling activities is more likely to return money to the. The very first bonus that a user who has registered on a gaming website will encounter is a casino welcome bonus. Before deciding to receive it, a player should carefully pay attention to all the conditions that a casino set.

These conditions most often include making a minimum deposit, playing certain slots according to wagering requirements, maximum bonus wagering period and minimum spin size. In addition, casinos, to attract the interest of regular players, give out various deposit bonuses either automatically or at the request of a player. Such bonuses can be bonuses at a certain time, bonuses on the days of the week, bonuses for playing tournaments and more. In addition to the bonuses that are issued when replenishing an account, there are no deposit bonuses. Perhaps a US online casino no deposit bonus is the lightest bonus, because you don’t need to invest money, while there is a chance to get a win. However, there is no free cheese in a mousetrap, therefore the conditions for wagering a bonus are more often more severe than when receiving bonuses for depositing money.


The legal online casinos in USA will offer you a lot of promotions and bonuses and will also have exciting loyalty programs. If you are a true fan of a certain game, do your research and find out if there are good promotions and bonuses related to that particular game. 

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